Nude Pics – Is your daughter sending them?

There is a new and disturbing epidemic that is happening with our children.  Boys are asking girls to send nude or semi-nude pictures to them via their cell phones and the girls are doing it – willingly.  Inevitably, the boy cannot resist and sends the picture to half the people in his contact list. He becomes known as a stud and the girl becomes known as a tramp.  And this happening in middle schools and high schools where the ages of the children usually range from 11-18.

One of my best friends is a high school guidance counselor and I have heard her talk about this for the past few years.  Several of the girls sent pictures of themselves thinking that only their boyfriend would see it (how naive)  and others sent it just because they were asked (for attention?).  She often gets the parents of both parties involved and there are a lot of tears and embarrassment. A few times, legal action was taken because the student who sent the pictures was 18 and the girl was underage.  No matter the situation, the damage was done.

This weekend, my niece told me about a girl in her class who sent a picture of her breasts to a male friend who proceeded to send it to half of the people in the school.  She is now being called a “whore” and gets taunted by the other girls every day and many of the boys snicker and whisper when she walks by. At 11 years old, she has ruined her reputation. And she is only in 6th grade.

The fact that seemingly so many girls are willing to share their bodies at such a young age is extremely disturbing to me. Parents and teachers need to talk with girls about not using their bodies for attention or love.  I know that is a tough thing given all they see on TV shows, in music videos and all over magazine covers, but they must realize that their private parts are just that – private.

I will never forget my mother giving me a piece of advice I have followed all my life.  She said, “Don’t ever do anything that prevents you from holding your head up high as you walk down the halls.”  That was one of the most valuable things she ever told me and I wish more girls would heed that advice. We all knew girls in high school who did things that caused them to have terrible nicknames and bad reputations. Back then, it was for fooling around or “going all the way” and people had to decide whether or not they believed the boy or the girl.  Today, kids can SEE the evidence.

Girls must be more respectful of themselves and their bodies. They must understand that one bad decision can lead to years of misery.  All with a click of a button.


My Addiction to Pinterest

My cousin introduced me to Pinterest about three months ago.  I kept hearing people talking about how great it was for sharing all kinds of ideas.  If you are not familiar with it, it is “an online pin board” where you basically browse a category and when you find something you like, you “pin” it to a board and then you’ll have it for later to do or make or see. For example, if you see a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, you can pin it to a board called, “Desserts” and when you want to make it, you pull it up and voila!  There’s the recipe for you to follow.  I absolutely LOVE IT.

Introducing me to Pinterest, however, proved to be a bit of a mistake for me.  Ever since, I have been addicted to all the “Pinteresting” things that people do, make, say and want to achieve.  Once I started with Pinterest, I was obsessed.  The food, drinks, crafts, pictures of places I’d like to visit, fashion ideas, make up tips, shoes…I was in heaven!! What  great ideas!! I can do that! I can make that! I can look like that!

I even had a routine with Pinterest.  After logging in, I would search the categories in this order:

1.  Popular

2.  Food and Drink

3. DIY and Crafts

4. Hair and Beauty

5. Women’s Fashion

I was creating boards and pinning ideas like a crazy woman. I made a few wreaths for myself and others after seeing some ideas and made some new desserts and main meals.  It was wonderful!  But then, I began to think I had a slight problem.  An hour or two would pass and I would realize that I was on Pinterest the entire time.  Anytime I made a new dish or did a craft people started saying, “Pinterest, right?”  If my husband could not find me, he would call out, “Pinterest?” and come towards our office where the computer was to find me staring at the screen. I would talk about things I saw on Pinterest.  To everyone.  Non-stop.   I am sure I was annoying to some. (sorry!)

What was happening? I decided to look up some questions that possible addicts should ask themselves.  And I got some disturbing answers.  It went as follows:

1.  Do you wake up in the morning and think about Pinterest?

Answer – YES

2. Do you feel the need to go on Pinterest every day?

Answer – YES

3. Do your thoughts and actions revolve around Pinterest?

Answer – YES

4. Have people started to associate you with Pinterest?

Answer – YES

5. Do you spend more than 30 minutes a day on Pinterest?

Answer – YES

6. Can you go one day without checking Pinterest?

Answer – NO!

Well, that’s it. I decided that I am officially addicted to Pinterest.  Since there is no treatment center that I know of, I figured I had better come up with my own recovery plan. It is a three-step program and is as follows:

1.  I will go on Pinterest every other day for no more than 30 minutes.

2.  I will only pin things I will  actually make, do, see, etc.

3. Since my food boards contain the most pins, I will use them.  I will make a minimum of one new dish a week  and not just let the pictures  sit on the boards looking pretty. And yummy.

And there it is. My new recovery plan.  I will start this tomorrow.   Or maybe Monday. I like to start things on Mondays.  Let’s see…that means I have three days to binge on Pinterest…have to go.  I am feeling crafty and need some more ideas…

Last One for Today – I Promise!

So, I called Apple support and had to reboot my phone. All is well and my faith in technology is restored (for the most part).  I am, however, concerned about the anxious feeling I had thinking I could not send or receive texts (it all shut down eventually).  Guess  I need to work on that. Thanks for listening today!

What is Happening??????????????

I seriously think I jinxed myself, and I do not even really believe in jinxing someone or something.  Until now…Less than three hours ago, I posted about how I am finally entering the world of technology and enjoying it.  And then, I was making pudding, texting my cousin’s wife, when my texting suddenly stopped. I stopped stirring the pudding and grabbed my phone with both hands not understand what was happening.  My little sausage fingers were wildly tapping the “message” button harder and harder, but to no avail. I tried composing a message to my mom. No luck. I had her text me and was able to text her back, but now, I cannot seem to compose a new text message or respond to an existing one. What is happening??????? 

Now, instead of texting my regrets to a party, I might have to do it the OLD FASHIONED way and CALL!! I am sure that’s proper etiquette anyway, but seriously. What is going on?? I just bragged about my liking technology so much and now, it has let me down.  I need to call Verizon.  Or my husband. Or someone else who knows how to fix phones!! Maybe I am not ready after all…

It’s Happening…

I was always sort of into technology, but was not one of those people who needed each and every new phone, computer or other electronic device (to date, I do not own an iPod or MP3 player).  However, I am slowly starting to  turn into a “tech savvy” person, and guess what?  I like it!   I am likely one of a few who is new to a smart phone. I got an iPhone in December and find myself needing to have it near me at all times.  I don’t just check messages with it, I check my email, blogs, Facebook account and weather.  I check them all a lot.  Maybe a little too much…

For Christmas, my husband gave me the Nook HD  and so far, I really like it as well.  I can read at night and not keep my husband up with a light on in our room. I also use it to pull up recipes from the web instead of having to print them out.  I get “Country Weekly” delivered to it every two weeks and can buy books on the spot with my Barnes and Noble account.  I have also created a scrapbook with recipes from magazines and can get on Pintrest anytime I want (I am sooo addicted to it!)  I like using the Nook for these things because I have sausages for fingers and, although I can also access the web using my iPhone, the Nook has bigger keys.  For my bigger fingers.

So, I now have an iPhone and Nook and must admit, they do make my life easier and enhance my ability to get information sooner.  But I am kind of afraid at how fast I have adapted to and am relying on these new devices.  I find myself wanting more. More apps. More books. More music choices.  Yep. It’s happening. I am finally entering the Technology Zone and I am finding it’s a great place to be!

To Talk or Not To Talk? – This is a SQUAWK!

Last night, we had to go to the emergency room for an infection that developed in my brother-in-law’s leg from surgery he had on December 26th. It was very busy and there were numerous people in the waiting room.  You can imagine the scene.  Worried faces, people hustling in and out of the waiting room waiting to be seen by a nurse or  to see where their loved one is, the hospital smell that always makes me want to hold my nose, people trying to find seats near each other, hushed whispers talking about what happened to bring their family member there.  And then, above it all, is a loud cackling voice having a full-blown conversation as if she were at home. Or at a sporting event.  As if people were not stressed out enough, her high-pitched nasal voice made listening to her conversation (which was unavoidable) all that more annoying.  Numerous people, including myself gave her dirty looks. I even used my old “angry teacher” glare which could stop a student in his tracks,  but this woman just kept right on talking and aggravating everyone in the waiting room.

This unbelievable rudeness has become an epidemic.  People no longer have any regard or respect for others when it comes to talking on their phones.  I see it all over the place.  Couples in restaurants on a date, each on his/her own phone. Really??  Families at restaurants with children on their phones either playing games, talking or texting. Interesting…Usually when families go out to dinner, it’s to be together and enjoy a good meal. But, whatever – that’s not directly affecting my ears or me.  However, there are other situations that do bother me.  At stores when people are checking out (holding up the line), in church, in doctor’s offices, at the DMV, and many other places where people are waiting and stressed out already.  To then have to unwillingly listen to a stranger’s loud conversation, is even more annoying.  It’s getting ridiculous.  Yes, it’s great to have technology and phones at our fingertips, but it should not be at the expense of others. And if you have a dire emergency where you MUST talk on your phone, have the common courtesy to step outside.  Please.  Thank you.