A Fun List for Today

I had an interview yesterday and it looks like I might be going back to work if I do well on the final interview which will be on Monday.

While I am very excited to be returning to the work force, there are a few things I will miss about being home.  I thought I would share them with you:

1.  Getting dressed whenever I want

2.  Working out at my leisure

3.  Watching those  “Law and Order: SVU” marathons (they get me every time!)

4.  Reading and writing anytime I get inspired

5.  Meeting up with my friends who are off/home

6.  Shopping early in the morning to avoid the traffic and crowds

7.  Cleaning the house when the mood strikes me

8.  Making my husband breakfast before he goes to work

9.  Having plenty of time to decide what to make for dinner and get the ingredients

10.  Doing what I want, when I want

However, there are things I am looking forward to as well (if I get the job). They are as follows:

1.  Being back in a routine

2.  Not being able to graze on snacks throughout the day

3.  Getting dressed up and wearing my nice jewelry to work

4.  Not watching as much TV

5.  Feeling more productive

6.  Earning a steady paycheck

7.  Being challenged

8.  Contributing to our bank account (especially our new house fund!)

9.  Sharing my knowledge (it’s a consulting position)

10.  Meeting new people

Well, there you have it. I guess it’s good that I was able to come up with an even amount for each side.  Now, to nail that final interview…