Cannot. Stop.Cooking!

It has been a little over three weeks since since my employer closed and like many people, we are eating almost all of our meals at home. This was not a huge change for us, as we prefer to cook our own meals most of the time anyway. But the ability to order out or even go to a restaurant has been taken away from most of us and so we are adjusting. The problem is that I do not always love to cook, especially when I have to do so. I enjoy cooking in waves and thankfully, the cooking wave came ashore over these past several weeks!

Sidenote: My husband is a much better cook than I am. He likes to play with ingredients and spices and can cook a burger better than anyone I know. He learned how to cook from his mother, who makes food with love and care and no measuring! She uses mostly fresh ingredients from their garden and I have never once, in 13 years, left her home hungry. In fact, I usually try and wear stretchy pants when we go over there!

My hubby does appreciate my efforts with cooking and likes when I try and doll things up, so I have been trying to humor him. We both know I am a much better baker and prefer to bake cookies, brownies and cakes. I love decorating cupcakes and birthday cakes and feel that baking actually relaxes me. However, with just two of us in the house, making a nice tray of brownies is not really a good idea for our waistlines!

Anyway, here is a sampling of what I have made so far:

We will see what the next few weeks bring. I am sure the cooking wave will be going back out to sea at some point. Speaking of the sea, maybe this week I will make some shrimp. Or the mixed bag of seafood I found in the freezer. Or the mahi mahi fillets from Trader Joe’s. I guess I am still riding that cooking wave after all!

Stay strong and stay home!!! Try some new recipes and ride that cooking wave if it catches you!

2 thoughts on “Cannot. Stop.Cooking!

  1. I think you do a great job! I’m impressed! Hope you are both doing well! Russ and I are still in FL. We don’t know when we’re coming north. Can’t think of a better place to be. I keep busy and then float in my pool in the afternoons, talking on the phone and catching up with people. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up your spirits and pray! @

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    1. Glad you are in Florida. It is not fun being here in NJ but we are making the best of it! Could be so much worse. Thank God all of our friends and family are healthy. I am so glad you are floating in the pool in the afternoons!! You worked hard all of your life and you deserve to relax!! Talk to you soon!!!

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