Teachers Get…

Teachers get summers, weekends, holidays and snow days off!

This is a common statement that I have heard for the past 19 years that I have worked in education.  While it is true that teachers get these days off, they also “get” a lot of other things…

Teachers get much smaller salaries than other professionals, even with Master’s Degrees.

Teachers get students who do not speak any English and are expected to bring them up to meet the Common Core State Standards.

Teachers get parents who also do not speak English and getting support from them or even trying to communicate how to reinforce learning at home is a challenge.

Teachers get students who come to school hungry because there is no food in their houses.

Teachers get students who cannot sit still, so they are allowed to stand up and walk around in the middle of class while the teacher is instructing.

Teachers get students who are being abused at home.  Many times, teachers are not even told about the abuse, as it is an issue of confidentiality.

Teachers get students who are on medication.  Some are getting used to their meds, some are overly medicated and then there are the days when a parent forgets to give a child his much-needed medication.  But the teacher is still responsible for dealing with those children no matter what.

Teachers get students of varying ability levels in their rooms.  They might have gifted students in the same class as special education students and they are expected to make three or more assessments for every quiz, test, etc to meet the needs of all students regardless of the range of abilities.

Teachers get students who are classified as special education students and do not always have a special education teacher with them or the teacher is only with them for part of the day.

Teachers get emails from parents questioning their teaching, lessons, and assessments.  Helicopter parents seem to think they know more about education than teachers do. If a child does not get an “A” it is blamed on the teacher.

Teachers get no extra pay for the numerous extra hours they work. There is never overtime and certainly not enough time in the day to teach, plan, grade and prepare in the contracted time.  There is no such thing as an 8 hour day for a teacher.  Nor is there overtime.

Teachers get students with severe behavior and anger issues and end up having to deal with constant disruptions because those students are placed in regular classrooms.

Teachers get no extra money for supplies and end up spending hundreds of dollars each year on things for the classroom.

Teachers get constantly slammed in the press for low test scores.  However, most people don’t get that if students do not come to kindergarten prepared, they are already at a disadvantage.  Schools no longer turn children away who might not be ready.

Finally, and most importantly,

Teachers get how important a child’s education is and despite all of these incredible challenges, they never give up.  One thing is certain – they will always get respect and admiration from me!

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