When I Have Time…

In case you haven’t noticed, I have gone over a week without writing anything on my blog.  Wah!!  😦

I miss writing and having you read and comment on my thoughts (squawks), but I have a very good reason for not posting last week.  I got a new job (the one where I have to wear matching skirt suits) and have been working all day, coming home and working more at night to familiarize myself with the responsibilities and requirements of being an effective educational consultant.  My job involves supporting and coaching teachers in Learner Active Classrooms  that are infused with technology. I want to be as helpful and knowledgeable as I can possibly be because I know how difficult running an effective classroom is these days.  I truly feel teachers  have a special place in heaven! 🙂

So, I am sure I will have some interesting posts sooner or later, but ask for your patience as I jump in head first to this new position.

Have a great weekend and I hope to post again soooon!!




3 thoughts on “When I Have Time…

  1. Pardon the use of the word “effective” twice in that post. I wanted to say that I know how difficult it is to run a classroom where all students are engaged in learning. That is the goal of all teachers and believe me, it is a difficult one to reach, but good teachers are the ones who keep on trying. 🙂

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