Friday Favorite – An Old School Cooking Machine

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The other day, I was going through all of the “stuff” in our basement and found an a George Foreman Grill.  It was dubbed the “lean, mean grilling machine” and was very easy to use.  All you had to do was heat it up (by plugging it in) and put the food on the grill plate, close the machine, grill for 4-5 minutes and the food would be done.  I would grill chicken, veggies and even fish.  I remembered how quick the cooking was, how easy it was to use clean and wondered why it was in the basement in the first place.

I decided to break it out and cook some chicken. I took some chicken strips, added a little olive oil and cajun seasoning and grilled them for about 4 minutes and voila!  They were juicy and tender and delicious!  After tasting that chicken, I decided that I had neglected this grill for too long. Until we can fire up the real grill when the weather warms up, the George Foreman is back as my favorite cooking machine! It’s reliable, quick, easy to use and lends itself to healthy cooking.

NOTE #1:  If you have a larger family, you might want to cook the food in batches since most of the grills cook up to four servings.  I know for sure that they are sold in Kohl’s (where there’s almost always a coupon) and on

NOTE #2:  There are a ton of ways to season chicken or fish. If you do not like it spicy, you could make some other combinations such as olive oil with:

salt and pepper

garlic salt and pepper

Italian seasoning

lemon pepper seasoning

Montreal chicken seasoning

poultry seasoning

The possibilities are endless!

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