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There are many bits of advice on how to lose weight, get healthy and stay healthy.  I always read articles online or in magazines that talk about losing weight. I am not obese, but tend to put on a little bit of weight here and there, especially in the winter.  These are some of the weight loss tips I have heard over the years:

Don’t eat eggs

Don’t eat carbs

Count calories

Count carbs

Eat carbs with protein

Focus more on protein

White foods are terrible for you (breads, pasta and potatoes)

Wheat bread and pasta are better for you

Do cardio first, then weights

Do weights first, then cardio

Do a little cardio first, lift and then do the rest

You need 35 minutes of exercise 5 times a week

You need 45 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week

Continuous exercise keeping your heart rate up is best

Interval training is best

It’s better to exercise in the morning

It’s better to exercise at night

Don’t eat past 7:00 PM

It does not matter when you eat, it’s what you eat

Eat a huge breakfast and make your lunch and dinner smaller

Eat three meals a day

Eat six small meals a day

Eat small bits of food every 2 hours


AHHHHH!!!! No wonder people give up!!


After many years of hearing all sorts of theories (as I have come to regard them as), I have found a few things that work for me.

1.  I count calories.  Susan Lucci, who played Erika Kane on ABC’s “All My Children” was asked how she stayed so trim all these years.  She said her secret was calorie-counting.  And I agree! Based on my height and weight, I try to eat between 1000-1300 calories a day.  I also try to get my calories from nutritious foods.  By doing this, I noticed I can eat way more if I eat something that is good for me versus something that is not. I created a calorie chart and record my caloric intake everyday.  There are tons of apps for phones that will give you the calories of pretty much any food right at your fingertips and will track them for you as well.  I prefer writing them down to putting them in my phone, but that’s just me.

2. I measure my portions.  That scale in the picture above was a great purchase.  I had no idea how big my portion sizes were before I started measuring. For example, the serving size for pasta is one cup.  I think I was eating about 2 cups before I began realizing what one cup looks like. Ouch.  This scale is fantastic. It’s an OXO 5 lb kitchen scale and I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s $29.99 and of course, I used a coupon (they always have coupons!)  The base comes off so you can clean it and you do not have to put foods right on it.  You can put a plate on the scale and zero it out. Then, you can add your food to see how much it weighs.

3.  I exercise in the morning. It gives me more energy and there are less excuses for me not to it later in the day. Plus, I am more of a morning person, so it’s easier for me.

4.  I prefer varying the intensity of my workouts.  The days of just walking at one speed and incline are over for me.  I jog here and there along with walking and adjust the incline if I am on a treadmill or find hills to walk up if I am outside.  I also love biking and cannot wait for the warm weather to arrive to enjoy that as well!

5.  I eat 4 meals a day.  I eat breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner.  I also try not to eat quite as many carbs as I used to, but I will not give them up. EVER!

6. I forgive myself if I cheat.  I like sweets and I am not giving them up.  I might just have a bite of something or only eat one cookie instead of 2 or 4 (I like to eat things in even numbers).


Well, that’s it.  After spending way too much money over the years on different kinds of products and trying all kinds of diets and exercise routines, I have finally learned some strategies that work for me.  Maybe some of these will work for you as well!!  Good luck!

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