Friday Favorite – AmLactin Lotion

FF - Amlactin

This lotion is absolutely incredible.  The first person to introduce this to me was my father.  Now, my father is not really a “lotion” kind of guy.  In fact, the only lotion I ever saw him put on his skin was suntan lotion when he got older because his medications would cause his nice Italian skin to burn.  My dad is going to be 67 years old and has hardly any wrinkles on his face, arms, hands, etc.  He is lucky to have great skin. It’s not oily, but there is just enough moisture to ward away those pesky wrinkles except for one place – his  elbows.  My dad’s elbows were atrocious.  They were so dry and scaly that he proclaimed them to be “crocodile skin” and to be honest, I don’t think he was too far from the truth. The skin was so dry that his elbows looked white and if they happened to brush up against you, you felt it.  Ouch!  (Sorry, Dad!)

But one day, everything changed. At a doctor’s visit last summer, he mentioned his excessively dry skin and the doctor recommended this bottle of magic – AmLactin.  It’s about $17 in CVS, but as soon as my dad started using it twice a day as prescribed, the crocodile skin that plagued and embarrassed him for years softened up and disappeared. I could not believe how smooth and clean his elbows looked.  I honestly never thought that any cream could be that powerful and effective.

I immediately went to the store to get a bottle for myself. My elbows are not quite as bad as his, but they certainly do not look smooth.   I  knew that if it worked on my dad’s reptilian-like elbows, it would work on mine as well. And it did.  I also tried it on my heels, which get so dry, I could sand molding with them. Within two days, I saw a difference.  No longer do I have to worry about accidentally scraping my husband’s leg with my sandpaper heels at night. We are both happy about that!

A few tips – Make sure you use it twice a day for really dry skin.  I tried using it once a day at first and saw very little difference, but using it twice a day did the trick.  Also, after I shower, I put the AmLactin on my heels on while my skin is damp and then put socks on right away and keep them on while I am getting ready.  I think it seals in the lotion and really lets your skin absorb it well.

Spring is coming soon which means short sleeves and open toed shoes.  If you have crocodile elbows or sandpaper heels, give this a try so you will look good and feel good showing your skin.  I doubt you will be disappointed!

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