I Am in Awe of Nurses…

Nurses are amazing and incredible caregivers. They are the ones in charge of taking care of people when they are sick, hurting, weak, scared, confused and traumatized.  Hospice nurses take care of those who are dying and try their best to comfort their patients and the families who are watching their loved ones slip away.  Imagine seeing that sadness every day, yet coming to work with a smile and making every patient feel special.  That’s what good nurses do.

On Friday, my aunt had an extremely painful surgery on her neck.  They had to cut through muscles and she is in a tremendous amount of pain.  The nurses taking care of her are so compassionate and comforting that we feel at ease when we leave her to grab a bite to eat or go home to sleep. Although my aunt is on pain medicine, she is still hurting and they know it.  You can see the pain in their faces as they move her, knowing their actions are causing her more discomfort. They are polite, respectful and cheery and are definitely making an unpleasant situation bearable.

Over the years I have seen many family members recover from heart surgeries and my father had his colon removed.  The care that nurses (and their aides) give is simply astonishing.  Nurses (and their aides) deal with things that most of us could not – from cleaning up bodily fluids to changing dressings and bandages on wounds to emptying bedpans and containers of urine.  It really does take someone with a strong stomach and a huge heart to do these things for complete strangers.  I could not do it.

It truly does take a very special person to be a nurse and they should be admired.




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