Top Ten Reasons I am Glad that Football is Over

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These are in no particular order…

1.  I will likely wake up a few pounds lighter on Monday mornings from not indulging in junk food and adult beverages on Sundays while watching the games.

2.  I will have more money in my pocket since I won’t have to make sure there are enough football food and drinks in the fridge for the games.   I like to drink a beer while rooting for the Cowboys, my favorite team.

3.  My blood pressure will be normal on Sundays now (briefly glance up to #2 and you’ll know why I just wrote this).

4.  I will stop obsessing on Pinterest for new football snack recipes to eat while watching the games. I am officially sick of chili – regular, turkey, vegetarian.  I’m DONE til next season.

5.  Tuesday mornings will not be as painful when I get up since I will go to bed at my normal time and not force myself to stay up and watch the Monday Night Games.

6.   I won’t have to watch egotistical maniacs with poor grammar on every news station for an entire week prior to the Super Bowl saying “It’s Our Time!”  It’s getting old…think of something else to say.

7.  I can now make plans on Sundays without thinking about getting home for the Cowboys and/or Giants games. The Giants are my husband’s team and are bitter rivals of the Cowboys. Good thing we love each other. A lot.

8.  Baseball will be starting soon. Go YANKEES!

9.  Baseball means warm weather is coming!

And the final reason I am glad that the Super Bowl is over,

The frustration of being a Cowboys fan will subside a little and I will be ready to cheer them on next year and watch every game, every Sunday. I miss football already!

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