Friday Favorite – VS Cotton Pajamas in Petite!


Yes, it’s true.  Victoria’s Secret makes petite pajamas that are actually petite!! Praise the Lord! There are not many brands of pajamas for those of us who are vertically challenged. Several brands say they are petite, but I still end up having to roll up the pants and/or sleeves.  Not with this one! Even if you are not petite, keep reading!  VS also has regular and tall lengths as well.

I know those of us whose height is not considered “average” or “regular” often have trouble finding pajamas that are either too long (me) or too short (never happened).  Well, Victoria’s Secret makes a two piece cotton pajama that is perfect for lounging and sleeping  and the arms and legs are the right length!  No more rolling up the pants or sleeves! Yay! And, the fabric is so light and comfortable, it’s great.  It also washes well.  I chose an animal print (which, by the way, I was wearing long before Snooki!), but there are a ton of other options.  And, for you tall girls, they have a special size for you, too! So, if you are looking for some new pajamas, I highly recommend these.  And guys, this could be a great gift for Valentine’s Day! A girl needs to be comfy and sexy!  Sleep tight!


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