Don’t Sweat It????

velour suit

New York and Company’s Velour Outfit

By “Don’t Sweat It,” I am referring to not wearing sweatpants “unless you are going to the gym” – a piece of advice given to viewers on TLC’s “What Not to Wear.”  I love that show and have watched it for several years.  If you have not seen the show, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly (the stylists) teach people how to dress for their body shape and size. For example, many of the guests are women who have recently had children and are still carrying extra baby weight.  Stacy and Clinton will offer them tips on what style shirts and blouses to wear to help camouflage their tummies without looking baggy or frumpy.  The guest is also given a new hairstyle and make up look and most of them look like completely different people with their new clothes, look and confidence. It’s very uplifting and inspiring to me.  I always want to go shopping after I see the show!

Now, I am not a major fashionista, but I do try to wear trends and prints that fit my body.  I cannot wear all trends, as I am only a little over 5 feet tall and slightly curvy.  The recent trend of wearing long shirts and skinny jeans/leggins is something I cannot do. I will look like a tree stump.  As a petite woman, I am not supposed to wear anything that is lower than my crotch or it will make my legs look even shorter than they already are (thank you, Clinton).  And, I have large, um, girls. When shopping for tops, I often have to shop in both misses and petites, which is something Stacy and Clinton recommend if you are bigger on top and smaller on the bottom or vice-versa. My point is, the show has taught me that dressing for your current size and shape is more important than dressing in trends.

I learned a lot from watching the show, but then heard the statement of not wearing sweatpants unless you are going to the gym and my mouth dropped. WHAT?!?!  Try as I may, that is one piece of advice that I cannot take.  I see nothing wrong with wearing sweatpants if you are out running errands.  Could I put on a pair of jeans? Sure, but why?  And, as you see in the picture above, there are some cute matching outfits that do not look sloppy or ratty.   I would not wear them to a function or out to a restaurant, but for running around town, I think they’re fine. Plus, a monochromatic look makes you look taller, or so they say.  Throw on a necklace and put in some earrings and I feel and look presentable.  I think…

Sorry, Stacy and Clinton. I love you both and enjoy your show, but sweats are a must in my life.  Now, I have to go run some errands…which pair will I wear today???

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