What is Happening??????????????

I seriously think I jinxed myself, and I do not even really believe in jinxing someone or something.  Until now…Less than three hours ago, I posted about how I am finally entering the world of technology and enjoying it.  And then, I was making pudding, texting my cousin’s wife, when my texting suddenly stopped. I stopped stirring the pudding and grabbed my phone with both hands not understand what was happening.  My little sausage fingers were wildly tapping the “message” button harder and harder, but to no avail. I tried composing a message to my mom. No luck. I had her text me and was able to text her back, but now, I cannot seem to compose a new text message or respond to an existing one. What is happening??????? 

Now, instead of texting my regrets to a party, I might have to do it the OLD FASHIONED way and CALL!! I am sure that’s proper etiquette anyway, but seriously. What is going on?? I just bragged about my liking technology so much and now, it has let me down.  I need to call Verizon.  Or my husband. Or someone else who knows how to fix phones!! Maybe I am not ready after all…

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