It’s Happening…

I was always sort of into technology, but was not one of those people who needed each and every new phone, computer or other electronic device (to date, I do not own an iPod or MP3 player).  However, I am slowly starting to  turn into a “tech savvy” person, and guess what?  I like it!   I am likely one of a few who is new to a smart phone. I got an iPhone in December and find myself needing to have it near me at all times.  I don’t just check messages with it, I check my email, blogs, Facebook account and weather.  I check them all a lot.  Maybe a little too much…

For Christmas, my husband gave me the Nook HD  and so far, I really like it as well.  I can read at night and not keep my husband up with a light on in our room. I also use it to pull up recipes from the web instead of having to print them out.  I get “Country Weekly” delivered to it every two weeks and can buy books on the spot with my Barnes and Noble account.  I have also created a scrapbook with recipes from magazines and can get on Pintrest anytime I want (I am sooo addicted to it!)  I like using the Nook for these things because I have sausages for fingers and, although I can also access the web using my iPhone, the Nook has bigger keys.  For my bigger fingers.

So, I now have an iPhone and Nook and must admit, they do make my life easier and enhance my ability to get information sooner.  But I am kind of afraid at how fast I have adapted to and am relying on these new devices.  I find myself wanting more. More apps. More books. More music choices.  Yep. It’s happening. I am finally entering the Technology Zone and I am finding it’s a great place to be!

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