I am rather proud of myself. I made five resolutions on January 1st and 18 days later, I have kept three of them.  Hey, that’s more than half, sort of… I normally do not share my resolutions until after a week or two when I see if I am truly able to keep them. Even though I am really only letting myself down if I break them, I also feel weak if I cannot keep them and have to let others know about it.  Sooo, this was my original list, typed into my iPhone to keep me on track:

1.  Write every day.

2. Always be in the middle of a novel (reading it)

3.  Curse less (out loud)

4.  Get back on track exercising (I left that one vague for a reason)

5.  Be more organized

To date, I have kept numbers 1 and 3.  Blogging has helped me keep that resolution and I really love writing.  Plus, those of you who follow me or leave comments inspire and encourage me, so thank you!  As for the less cursing, I am counting to 10 in my head before speaking.  I am not saying I am not cursing in my head, but have cut way back on cursing out loud.  Plus, not much as annoyed me lately. Except bad drivers!!

Okay, back to the resolutions. I was doing well with #2, until I saw Miranda Lambert on the cover of Redbook and instead of starting a new novel, I bought the magazine to read about her.  (I love her spunkiness!)  I will be returning to that resolution, as I am going to start a classic – The Last of the Mohicans.  I have always loved the movie and cannot wait to read the novel.

I do have a plan for the two others.  The whole exercising thing will hopefully start up again on Monday, as I try (for the second time) to do the Couch to 5K program.  Two other friends of mine were successful and I want to be as well. I am hoping to run in a 5K before I turn 40 in July, but might not tell anyone other than my husband (and my readers!)

As for being more organized, I feel kind of overwhelmed with all the papers we have floating around.  I need to shred our old papers and make new folders with nice, new, color-coded labels.  That might make me WANT to stay more organized if it looks cute. And, I need to clean out the things I do not need!!  I am hoping to do that this week.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Have you kept any? Broken any? Refuse to make any?  As always, thank you for listening and have a great day!

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