Friday Favorite – Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner

This eye liner is incredible. It goes on thinly and smoothly and literally lasts all day.  I was first introduced to Bobbi Brown cosmetics about 10 years ago.  A make up artist at Bloomingdale’s did make-overs for my friends and I. I loved the way the make up felt on my face and could not stop looking at the Ivy green liner he had used on me.  Since I have brown eyes, I always stuck to the traditional brown or black liners, but that man opened up a whole new world for me with colored gel. After a long day of shopping and eating mall food, I arrived home to find my eyeliner still fresh and in place.  I was sold.  I can put it on at 6:00 AM and it will still be on at 7:00 that evening.  Yet, it comes off easily with make-up remover.  This is one of my favorite beauty products.  Give it a try!

Friday Favorites 023

I have three that I use on a daily basis.  They are Violet Ink, Ivy Shimmer Ink and Espresso Ink.  I have also used Indigo Ink and need to get to Macy’s to get some more!  Not all Macy’s carry Bobbi Brown, but Bloomingdale’s does. I recommend using the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush for the best application.

Friday Favorites 021

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