Why I Don’t REALLY Want to Win the Lottery

This might sound crazy, but it’s true.  Although I play the lottery, I am secretly afraid of winning any huge amount of money. Why? I have read articles and seen shows about how winning the lottery has ruined people’s lives. They begin making poor investments, losing friends and family members who come to them for help, and end up having to constantly analyze people’s motives who want to suddenly be around them.  Some people said that becoming an instant millionaire actually caused more problems in their lives!

We live in a society where money is key.  It seems to be the only measure of success (which is very sad).  I’d like to think that I would put any winnings to good use and be smart about investing, but then again, I am sure most of the winners had those same intentions.  If I did win, I would take care of my parents and in-laws so they did not have any debt in their retirement years.  I would set up trust funds for my nieces and nephew, not to be touched until they are 30. I do not feel that people make smart decisions with money until around that age, though there are exceptions.  Plus, I would want each of them to have a career and try making it on their own and not go wild knowing they would be coming into wealth. The more I think about it, I might not even tell them they had it coming. 

I would also love to take care of our extended families and friends, and donate money to some of my favorite charities such as the Humane Society, USO, American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association.  In addition, I would like to open up a school on an Indian reservation or supply the existing ones with much needed supplies and books. 

If it happened anytime soon, I would help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in NJ and NY. It’s been almost three months and people are still displaced. As one person said, our government has given money to foreign countries in less time than they have given relief money to our own people. These people lost everything!! Okay, I better get off this topic. I feel my blood pressure rising…

Anyway, I am off to run errands and yes, I will most likely get a lottery ticket today or some time soon.  And as I look at the numbers after the drawing getting ready to lightly circle the matching ones with my pencil, I will likely be saying two things –  “Darn! We didn’t win!” and “Well, that’s okay.”  Money certainly is not what truly makes me happy. Do I enjoy doing things with extra money such as traveling and shopping for myself and my family? Of course.  But there are so many things that money cannot buy such as good health (think Steve Jobs), happiness, love and contentment.  For me, that’s really I all need and want. Now, please excuse me while I choose my numbers for this week’s drawing…

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