Good-bye, Aunt Ruth

Today, I am going to a funeral service for my great aunt.  She was “great” in more ways than one. Aunt Ruth was a cute little Irish lady who married my Italian grandfather’s brother.  No bigger than 4’10, Aunt Ruth used to hunt, shoot archery, bowl and shoot rifles.  She was shy, sweet, reserved and kind and had the bluest eyes I have ever seen.  She would always sign my birthday and Christmas cards with her and my uncle’s names and then write “The Greats” below it. I love plays on words, so I thought that was quite entertaining and always looked forward to getting cards from them.

While I am not only sad about the loss of my aunt, I am also sad that it seems my family is so busy that the only time we are all together are for weddings and funerals.  Is it like that with your family? What do you do to keep everyone together?

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