Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve, but Didn’t

I could have started my exercise program today. It is relatively comfortable here in New Jersey.  I would have gone walking this morning, but then I saw it was a mere 28 degrees. Ummmm, no thank you.  So, I decided to busy myself with housework and writing and said that when it hits 40 degrees, I will go out and walk. Breathe in the fresh air!  Get invigorated! But then “What Not to Wear” was on (and it was an episode I had not seen) so I watched it.  Then, I ate lunch.  And showered.  And folded laundry.  And since I showered and am going out to dinner tonight, I don’t want to get sweaty, right?  Right. So, looks like I will hit the pavement tomorrow.  Unless I need to rearrange the cabinets. Or my sock drawer.

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