To Talk or Not To Talk? – This is a SQUAWK!

Last night, we had to go to the emergency room for an infection that developed in my brother-in-law’s leg from surgery he had on December 26th. It was very busy and there were numerous people in the waiting room.  You can imagine the scene.  Worried faces, people hustling in and out of the waiting room waiting to be seen by a nurse or  to see where their loved one is, the hospital smell that always makes me want to hold my nose, people trying to find seats near each other, hushed whispers talking about what happened to bring their family member there.  And then, above it all, is a loud cackling voice having a full-blown conversation as if she were at home. Or at a sporting event.  As if people were not stressed out enough, her high-pitched nasal voice made listening to her conversation (which was unavoidable) all that more annoying.  Numerous people, including myself gave her dirty looks. I even used my old “angry teacher” glare which could stop a student in his tracks,  but this woman just kept right on talking and aggravating everyone in the waiting room.

This unbelievable rudeness has become an epidemic.  People no longer have any regard or respect for others when it comes to talking on their phones.  I see it all over the place.  Couples in restaurants on a date, each on his/her own phone. Really??  Families at restaurants with children on their phones either playing games, talking or texting. Interesting…Usually when families go out to dinner, it’s to be together and enjoy a good meal. But, whatever – that’s not directly affecting my ears or me.  However, there are other situations that do bother me.  At stores when people are checking out (holding up the line), in church, in doctor’s offices, at the DMV, and many other places where people are waiting and stressed out already.  To then have to unwillingly listen to a stranger’s loud conversation, is even more annoying.  It’s getting ridiculous.  Yes, it’s great to have technology and phones at our fingertips, but it should not be at the expense of others. And if you have a dire emergency where you MUST talk on your phone, have the common courtesy to step outside.  Please.  Thank you.

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